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March 12, 2006

portal convergence

We are experiencing a shift in technology and business enablers. Businesses are applying tighter financial checkpoints and making smarter technology decisions in all areas of information technology. Businesses are looking to technology to do nothing other than enable corporate strategy.

We are seeing a convergence of Portal, Dashboard, CM, DM, BI, Web App Dev, and KM. KM not as a discipline, but rather, as integral components of the portal (i.e. weblogs, wikis, collaboration, RSS Feeds, threaded email discussions, instant messaging, expert locators, social networks, communities, search, taxonomy, etc.). We also know that our customers are seeing this convergence as well. We are actually delivering it to them in many instances. The vendors are certainly seeing it with the recent mergers and acquisitions that have occurred. And the analysts are seeing it. We also know that the Portal (in some form or another) will be the desktop. We know that the ultimate end game is control of the desktop. The Portal. It will be an interesting race to see who is prepared to be first to market with this offering and with this message. That is, the message of convergence.

This shift in technology and business enablers I spoke about earlier is nothing less than a paradigm shift. Let’s make sure we are not only first to market with this message, but also, best to market. Best to market implies smarter and faster than our competition. It means crafting the message to the market and educating our sales staff affording us the opportunity to implement and deliver upon this paradigm shift.

March 1, 2006

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